We understand a patient’s experience is greatly influenced by the dentist and specialist

After referral to our practice you will be allocated a half hour consultation appointment time.  This visit is important to gather all the information from you and your general dentist.  At your consultation, we review radiographs and carry out an extensive examination to ascertain the exact nature of your problem.  It is our strong belief that you need to be well informed about all aspects of your presenting problem.  With the information and treatment options thoroughly explained, you can then make an informed decision about your treatment.  The prognosis, or prediction of long-term outcome of treatment, is given to you.  If you decide to proceed with treatment appointments will be organised at this stage.  Several visits may be necessary to complete treatment.
Occasionally a general dentist will call us and request an emergency appointment time. Patients can sometimes experience severe pain with infected root canals. We allocate appointments on a daily basis to cater for patients in this situation.

When treatment is commenced you will require the local anaesthetic. This is given to ensure that painless treatment can be performed. A rubber sheet (rubber dam) will be placed over your tooth so we can keep the area we are working on clean and dry. Using a rubber dam means that nothing will go down your mouth and you are more relaxed during treatment. An access cavity will be created in the top of your tooth and the root canals will be located, cleaned, disinfected and then the root canal filling is placed.

Your general dentist will decide if your tooth requires crowning. Once endodontic treatment is completed you will be sent back to your referring dentist, or to a crown and bridge specialist, for placement of a permanent filling or crown. Often, with the use of rubber dam, we will place the core filling in preparation for crowning. If your tooth is well restored the success of root canal treatment is high.

Please note that if you are unable to keep an appointment time we request that 24 hours notice is given and we will endeavour to arrange another time that is more convenient. If you fail to attend an appointment or give less than 24 hours notice of cancellation, a fee may be charged.