Welcome to Endodontists on Collins - Specialist Root Canal Treatment in Melbourne


We are located at Suite 2 on the 4th Floor of the Coates building at 20 Collins Street, Melbourne.

At our facility in Melbourne, we provide pain-free specialist root canal treatment in a relaxed and caring environment. It is our philosophy to provide you with the highest standard of treatment and personalized care that you can expect from a specialist dental practice.

Your general dentist has entrusted us with your care to us and we value this most highly.  We take a holistic approach to your dental needs.  We strive to look at your complete dental picture when assessing your endodontic problem, in order to ensure you are well informed of all your treatment options.

At our advanced specialist facility, we utilize the latest evidence-based techniques to ensure you receive the highest quality care possible.  We use operating microscopes, advanced three-dimensional imaging, microsurgical ultrasonics, nickel-titanium instruments, and fiber optic illumination.

You will find our experienced team are committed to all of your endodontic needs. If you have any questions, please call or email us for assistance.