Pain free, relaxed and caring Root Canal Treatment.

When you’re in good hands, using advanced technology

The team at Endodontists on Collins take an integrated approach to root canal therapy.

We tell our patients, root canal treatment needn’t cause concern. When delivered through experienced hands, using advanced technology, root canal therapy can be surprisingly straightforward.

Because we see things from your perspective, we deliver root canal treatment through our unique Patient Care Pathway.

Pain free, relaxed and caring Root Canal Treatment

What does this mean for you?

It means root canal treatment:

Takes less time

We devise a treatment protocol that minimises appointments, treatment time, and the duration of healing

Is less traumatic

Our whole team is focused on supporting and caring for you through treatment, from your first visit through to treatment completion, & beyond

More effective

Combining experience, advanced evidence-based techniques, and the right technologies, Dr Oliver Pope is able to achieve ideal patient outcomes more easily

Minimally invasive

We employ leading technologies, such as microscopes, 3D imaging , microsurgical ultrasonics, nickel titanium instruments & fibre optic illumination that mean treatment does not impact the tooth in the ways that occurred traditionally.

Through our own treatment experience, and having worked with many hundreds of patients, we know our approach builds confidence.

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Established for over 20 years,

Endodontists on Collins is located in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD at

Suite 2, Level 14, 15 Collins St Melbourne

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Meet Dr Oliver Pope

A leading Melbourne endodontist

Dr Pope takes an empathetic and gentle approach towards your care

Together with my team, I am committed to improving our patient’s experience of root canal treatment. We understand patients sometimes come to us feeling concerned, however our team and our treatment builds trust and confidence to realise the best outcome. We make sure we put ourselves in your shoes every step of the way.


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Suite 2, Level 14, 15 Collins
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