Our approach is relaxing and caring, taken step by step

Our approach to patient care for root canal treatment is unique. We call it the Patient Care Pathway.

Having treated hundreds of patients, we understand endodontic or root canal treatment causes many people concern. Uncertain of the root canal therapy process, patients are often left wondering: What will treatment be like? Will the root canal treatment work?

We understand – because we put ourselves in your shoes. That’s why our treatment:

  • Takes less time
  • Is less traumatic
  • More effective
  • Minimally invasive

If you have any concerns about a tooth affected by root canal treatment, book a time to talk with Dr Oliver Pope.

Patient Care Pathway

We focus on building confidence in the success your root canal treatment

Through our unique Patient Care Pathway

Under the careful guidance of Dr Oliver Pope, our Patient Care Pathway is a step by step approach to each individual root canal treatment.


In step 1, we take time to understand your specific needs. Using both a physical exam and various equipment to gather information, we make a diagnosis of the health of your tooth.

The purpose of the initial consult is to assemble all the information that will inform us as to your treatment options. This helps you make the best decision – in terms of treatment duration, costs and maintenance.


Step 2 is about the treatment itself. Some treatments can be delivered in a single visit, while other more complex treatments may require two or more visits.

Before commencing any treatment plan, we will explain every step of your treatment to you. And if you have any concerns,  we encourage questions. Our objective is that you are relaxed and confident about the approach and outcome.


After the root canal treatment itself, we will work in conjunction with your referring dentist to protect and strengthen your tooth going forward.

A crown or filling may be required, however you can be assured that our approach is focused on delivering a solution that is long lasting, rather than taking a short term approach.

Our care for you extends beyond your immediate treatment. We follow up with our patients after treatment to confirm the health of their restored tooth been maintained